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"An Unbiased Perspective on the Energy Industry"

2013 Outputs

ENI Export & Interconnection Document

ENI’s highly anticipated Export & Interconnection document is available here.

As part of ENI2013′s White Paper “Participating in Ireland’s Smart Energy Future”, the group researched the topic of Renewable Energy Export. This document, entitled ” Export & Interconnection”, outlines the key challenges and questions that need to be addressed if the projects proposing to export wind energy directly from Ireland in to the UK are to go through.

An event hosted by the ERC and held in May 2014 will hope to further analyse the questions at hand.


ENI White Paper – “Participating in Ireland’s Smart Energy Future”

ENI2013′s white paper, “Participating in Ireland’s Smart Energy Future”, can be found below:

“Participating in Ireland’s Smart Energy Future” – Energy Needs Ireland 2013

The work of the group focuses on the need for consumer participation in the energy industry in order to implement a smarter energy network. However, they have specified this further by looking at how consumers are involved in and affected by aspects of the energy industry such as the implementation of a Smart Grid, Demand Side Management and Energy Exportation. ENI’s findings are outlined in their white paper which was launched very successfully at the Clyde Court Hotel on September 3rd with the support and presence of many members of both industry and academia who had assisted the group throughout their three month research term.


ENI Consumer Research Survey

ENI2013′s Cosnumer Research Survey (CRS) can be found by clicking the link below:

“Consumer Research Survey” – Energy Needs Ireland 2013

An extensive survey conducted by members of the ENI2013. The survey attempted to gauge public opinion and knowledge on various Smart Grid related concepts, as well as general electricity usage behavior.


ENI Cost Benefit Analysis

ENI2013′s Cost Benefit Analysis can be found at the link below:

“Cost Benefit Analysis” – Energy Needs Ireland 2013

This Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) delivers the unbiased findings of Energy Needs Ireland (ENI) 2013, of the costs and benefits of a full and immediate Smart Grid rollout in Ireland to the electricity consumers (residential and industrial) as well as policy-makers.


Interim Survey Report

SurveyOne of the major areas that Energy Needs Ireland (ENI) wishes to address is the Irish consumer. ENI hope to gauge consumer opinion by looking at the ways in which the Smart Grid can benefit the Irish consumer to the fullest.

To date, ENI have carried out a survey of over 400 Irish residential consumers, which shows public opinion and their openness regarding the Smart Grid, Smart Meters and In Home Displays (IHD). An interim report of the survey results can be found at the link below.

 ”Interim Survey Report” – Energy Needs Ireland 2013


ENI Smart Communities

ENI recognises that Ireland’s Smart Energy Future is not only dependent on the rollout of Smart Grid infrastructure. A Smarter Energy Network involves the smart usage of all resources by each member of the Community Network. For this reason, ENI has conceptualized ENI Smart Communities- a website capable of assisting residential consumers in reducing their consumption of electricity.

ENI Smart Communities is based on two main concepts: Social Pressure and Competition. The website will allow the user to compare their electricity usage to the average and most efficient levels of consumption within their local area and throughout the country of Ireland as a whole. Residential consumers will also be able to rank their usage with respect to their peers on Household Leaderboards. On a larger scale ENI Smart Communities will also target communities of residential consumers using Community Leaderboards. This feature will aggregate the performance users within local areas and rank performance with respect to other communities within the country. A prototype website of ENI Smart Communities has been developed and is available at the link below.



ENI Smart In-Home Energy Management Application

The prototype ENI Smart Application demonstrates the capabilities of a portable application based energy usage monitor. The application allows users to follow their current usage behaviour, set usage limits and warning systems, and control any smart appliances they may have. For more information see here.

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